Come Ready For Your Conference Call

Come Ready For Your Conference Call

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There is not too much difference between a conference call and a meeting that you have in your office. Whether you are sitting face to face with your employees or your clients or on a conference call with them, some basic manners will be applicable.

When conducting professional meetings in your office or in your conference hall, sitting face to face with the participants, you prepare meticulously for the discussion. Well, conference call meetings should not be treated differently. A conference call is usually set up between two or more people, who are located at places that are far away.

With business offices spread across the world, conference calls have facilitated the way in which companies hold meetings with their employees and customers, without requiring their physical presence at the meeting hall. This in turn has resulted in huge savings for enterprises, as there is no travel to the destination of the meeting, and no hotel accommodation charges, amongst others.

Conference calls used in professional meetings are very different from personal telephone calls, or one to one conversations with colleagues. It is to be remembered that conference calls are considered to be meetings that are as formal as the meetings that you conduct with clients within your office.

It is a business tool that follows some specific rules, which must be followed at every step of your participation. While you attend conference calls, you need to be as courteous and professional throughout the call as you would be in face to face meetings.

Your attitude in attending conference calls is a direct reflection of your professionalism, and of your ability to make presentations to others. Every time you go for a conference call, you should be well prepared for the discussion, and should be ready with all relevant documents that you will require prior to entering the conference. As you prepare yourself, it is wise to test the conference system, and make sure that your microphone and other equipment are working and that the volume has been set right.

Make sure that you do not multi-task while the meeting is going on. You should stay apace with the discussion without diverting your mind to something else that is not related to the meeting. You can always take notes on paper or on your laptop, ensuring that not too much noise emerges from the keyboard. In conference calls, ideas are shared, and if you do not actively participate in the discussion, you will not be remembered as being a participant at that meeting.

Conference call services may be outsourced and facilities could be set up in the office as well. The technology typically uses conference phones or VoIP systems. If you are hiring these services for your conference calls, you would have to designate the date and time of the meeting that you would want to hold.

You will be assigned with a group dial-in number, and also with a password through which you can access the conference network at the date and time that has been set for you. When you outsource, the hassles of maintaining specific equipment becomes completely unnecessary.

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