Jamaica Tourist Board

Jamaica Tourist Board

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A beautiful island paradise such as Jamaica has been one of the favorite destinations of tourist. This popularity did not grow overnight though; it took a lot of effort from the government, to let the whole world know what this small isle of the Caribbean has to offer, from promoting its wonderful beaches and lush stunning mountains, to attracting big investors such as well-known resorts and hotels has been a challenging task for the island’s tourism ministry. All the efforts did not go to waste though because today Jamaica stands to be one of the most popular vacation destinations by tourists from all over the globe.

The Jamaica Tourist Board is headquartered in a contemporary office building in New Kingston Jamaica. The board is responsible for marketing Jamaica in order for the island to retain its position as the Caribbean’s premier tourism destination. The program promotion of tourism that deals with marketing of tourism, public relations, advertising, events marketing, and other promotional endeavors is taken on by the Jamaica Tourist Board both locally and overseas.

The Jamaica Tourist Board was founded in 1965 and performs its mission through an international network of representative and offices in major markets such as Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, London, Chicago, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Dallas, Atlanta, Rome, Paris, and more.

This action mirrors the Board’s concentration and focus on its local operations to carry out its overseas marketing exertions and include programmes such as community relations, advertising, Insiders Jamaica, production of events and special projects, cruise shipping, local public education and awareness for schools and adults, meet-the-people, corporate planning and research, product familiarization by travel agents and press groups, human resources, and management information system.

The Jamaica Tourist Board is dynamic, consumer-focused, innovative, and well managed headed by a chairman chosen by the Minister of Tourism. The daily running is managed by the Director of Tourism with the help of five Deputy Directors, each overseeing a division.

The board facilitates sustainable progress of tourism product and investment in the tourism industry as a whole. They also assist in ensuring the upholding of standards and human resources growth and training as well as making possible marketing and promotion of tourism products in a manner that will maintain Jamaica’s being the premier tourist destination in the Caribbean.

Among the many accomplishments of the Jamaica Tourist Board includes winning consistent praise for its ad campaigns, most famous of which being “One Love” inspired by the message of song artist Bob Marley. The timeless images and melodies of this touching series have taken the enduring beauty of Jamaica to be embedded in the hearts and minds of people all over the globe for the last twelve years.

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