Online Transcription Services

Online Transcription Services

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Online transcription is web-based transcription service where the operating system is independent and is cross browser compatible. Their services are accessed via a web browser who is not restricted by time zones or business hours. The mission is to offer each and every client high quality and professional transcription services, combined with the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry.

It is easy to use. All work is done at one central location using the business server. Multi-faceted tools are built to provide each client with a dedicated, private and secure area where a client can control, view or be notified via email on each phase of his transcription project.

Online transcription provides high quality service to suit each client. Their professionally qualified team specializes in many fields so that all work will be delivered with great care and reproduced as accurately, quickly and reliably as dictated by clients.

Online transcription service covers almost all fields like:

o Legal, court document
o All reports – medical, general, business
o Interviews, conferences, meetings
o Workshop, focus groups etc.

Benefits of using online transcription services are

 Save money: Going digital reduces cost and time by eliminating postage, courier, hardware maintenance and other expenses.
 100% portable: Be anywhere in the world or in any time zone, you can upload, download and access all digital dictation.
 Total cost-effective: Your hourly rate is spent on 100% productivity, not for the hours an employee spends in an office.
 Always available: You can access experienced transcriptionists quickly and easily beyond office hours.
 No HR costs: There is no need to advertise jobs, or interview candidates.
 Reliable and secure: All clients can communicate the server at any time.

Features of online transcription services that enable clients to share and access their information via Internet are,

 Clients can dictate their reports via PC based dictation system. Digital handheld recorders are also used for this purpose

 24/7 accessibility from anywhere and any time

 Report tracking is very easy on an online system.

By using digital equipment, both dictation and documents are transmitted electronically, eliminating cost, saving time and money.

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