Values Survey Tools

Values Survey Tools

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Values survey tools are commonly used by some individuals and organizations today. These tools actually vary according to the style, forms, and preferences, but all of them share the same aim and that is to measure certain values or behaviors of some individuals belonging to a certain group for the purpose of enhancing the individual and organizational effectiveness.

A number of values survey tools are used today. One of the commonly used values survey tools is the assessment survey. The assessment surveys are actually conducted by certain individuals and organizations in order to find out the diversity, training, as well as the overall organizational performance. These are also some versions of these values survey tools, such as the custom-surveys and measurement systems of Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc., that are generally designed and developed to meet the individual and organizational business needs.

Aside from that, there are also some values survey tools that generally measures the engagement and the performance of certain members of certain groups. To mention, there are the Employee Engagement survey that allows the organizations to form an engagement profile of the workforce and assess the extent to which the employees see themselves as the contributors, jobholders, or owners of the organization. Then, there is the Linkage Analysis Framework, one of the well-known values survey tools developed by the HR Services of the Organization and Employee Research, which acts and serves as a proven methodology for the quantification of the relationship between the behaviors of the employee, the customer satisfaction, as well as for the financial outcomes.

Some of the organizations also employ the Culture Profiler ™, which is actually one of the values survey tools and assessment tools that works to define both the descriptors of organizational culture and the drivers of the culture change. This survey tool is highly considered by many as one of the effective values survey tools perhaps for the reason that Culture Profiler ™ allows the comparisons across the functions and these values survey tools consequently forms the foundation for dialogue particularly on the similar traits or values as well as on the differences. And, as one of the effective values survey tools, the Culture Profiler ™ can be applied either for combining organizations or for altering the current culture to the desired culture.

The values survey tools are so common among many people today, especially to those who are running a particular organization or business. They are now used by some people not just to identify the values of the members of the organization, but for the group to identify some aspects that need certain adjustments for the benefit of the group itself.

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